Important Customer Information


Prices and delivery costs

All prices are in Euro and include German VAT at the appropriate rate. Delivery costs are not included in the prices quoted and depend on the amount of ordered products as well as the type of dispatch and will be quoted explicitly before you perform your binding order.

Overview of delivery costs:

  • DHL: 3,90 € till 15 € ,  from 15 € without delivery costs in Germany
  • DHL international: at least 15.00 Euro but depending on weight (the exact costs will be quoted before closure of your order)



We accept the following ways of payment:

  • Cash in advance (3% cash discount)
  • Paypal (payment made by direct debit, credit card)
  • Cash on delivery (additional 6 Euro within Germany)
  • Cash on delivery (additional 8 Euro for delivery into countries with Euro currency)

Special policy for delivery to Switzerland

Product prices quoted on our website include German VAT of 19%.
At delivery to Switzerland this VAT is dispensed because Switzerland is not a member of the EU. This holds only for customers whose residence place is in Switzerland.

Customs regulations for private individuals

Every shipment from abroad is liable to taxes and duty. The customer is regarded as an importer and is bound to pay arising expenses. These expenses will be charged by the deliverer at hand over. Import tariff (Swiss VAT) and limit of negligibility Products purchased by frottier-online are subject to import tariff. This import tariff will only be raised if it exceeds 5 SFr (limit of negligibility). Actual rate of taxation is 7.6% (at June, 2008)

Additional taxes

As soon as the tax amount exceed 5 SFr the goods are declared as liable for taxation. You have to pay the import tariff and additionally flat processing fees (“Postvorweisungstaxe”) of about 10 SFr (at June 2008) will be charged. This processing fee is also subject to VAT und will be charged per parcel. In disadvantageous cases additional customs duties of maximum 0.47 SFr per gross kg of weight arise.


Conclusion of the contract

The illustrations of products in this online-shop do not display binding offers in a legal sense but are part of a non-binding online-catalogue. Upon submission of you personal information and clicking the “Finalize Order” button your order is terminated. We will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of your order and containing the details of your order. Your order represents an offer to us to purchase a product which is accepted by us when we send e-mail confirmation to you that we have accepted your order. Upon dispatch of the product the contract will be filed. If you do not receive a confirmation of dispatch or receive the goods within three weeks your order turns non-binding.

Subject terms of contract

Wording of the contract is saved and you are able to read the general conditions of the contract on this website or save them to your computer at any time. Additionally details of your order as well general conditions of the contract will be sent to you via e-mail.

Stocked items generally will be dispatched as follows: Products paid cash in advance will be dispatched two days upon incoming payment at the latest. Products paid cash on delivery will be dispatched two days upon order at the latest. If ordered products are not in stock dispatch will be performed one day after receipt of the products at frottier-online at the earliest. Delivery by frottier-online is always subject to our own complete and timely provision with goods by our suppliers. We do not take responsibilities for missing availabilities of goods. Damages can not be claimed unless no gross negligence or intention by frottier-online have been asserted. If a particular product or alternative product is not available frottier-online is authorized to refuse delivery. The customer will be informed about missing availability immediately.

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days upon delivery (starting the day after you receive the goods). The rescission does not need to state a reason and may be made in writing (e-mail will be sufficient) or by returning the goods unless the order was carried out under commercial or self employment conditions (orders placed by traders). The termination period shall commence earliest upon receipt of the goods and this notification in writing. To adhere to the cancellation time limit posting off the goods or the cancellation in a timely manner is sufficient. Please send the cancellation to:

Soeren Kessler
Duesseldorfer Strasse 101
45481 Muelheim Ruhr


Cancellation consequences
In case of effective cancellation services rendered from both contracting parties have to be reimbursed and utilization if applicable (e.g. beared interests) have to be released. If you are not able to return goods properly and in saleable conditions you will be charged. This is not the case if impairment of the goods is solely based on quality inspection like you would have been enabled to in a retail shop. Please avoid charge responsibility by not treating products as it was already your property and omit anything which reduces the value of the goods. Items ready for dispatch will picked up by frottier-online. You have to pay the costs of delivery if the delivered products are in accordance with the ordered products and if the value of returned goods does not exceed 40 Euro. Additionally you have to pay the costs of delivery if the value of returned goods exceeds 40 Euro but at the time point of cancellation your responsibilities agreed with by the contract or partial payment you agreed with have not been performed. Cancellation can not be performed for

  • Goods which were ordered on customer´s demand (see specifications in product description)

Services and guarantees
Guarantees fulfil legal requirements. For customer service please contact us via e-mail